Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday-Tuesday December 5-6

December 5, 2016

Monday is a mostly quiet day in the solar system, with no major planetary contacts taking place. With the Moon still in the independent sign Aquarius until after sundown this evening, a friendly, open minded attitude with a concern for others will likely describe our day. Once the Moon moves into the peace loving sign Pisces just after 8:30, we could easily have a mediative, reflective attitude as the evening comes to a close.

Yet what most stands out from late Monday through Wednesday is an interaction between Mars, the ruler of Aries, currently in Aquarius, and Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, presently in the sign Aires. This combination of factors can encourage us to take the initiative, either physically or intellectually, or both. Doing something quite different from the norm, either in a group or on your own, is possible as well. Yet it’s also the case we could act impulsively, even be a risk taker.

Combine these factors with the Pisces Moon, and you could either be idealistic, impractical, or both. Whatever happens, be patient, keep your actions within reason, and drive carefully.