Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday August 28

August 28, 2016

Shortly after one o’clock this morning the Moon entered into the loving, warm hearted Fire sign Leo, where she’ll remain through Wednesday morning.  During this time, a positive, engaging approach to life, being encouraging of others, wishing to express and receive affection, helps define Lunar Leo.  

Of course it’s also possible the sign of the Lion can be a bit self centered and autocratic, with a deep need to be admired and in the spotlight.  Letting your love light shine upon others with qualities of both enthusiasm and humility is the ideal use of Lunar Leo energy.

Around sundown the rays of Saturn will productively interact with the Moon, helping us have both a sense of patience and quiet confidence.

Yet most meaningful today is that just after 7 PM Venus will move into sociable, intellectual Libra, where she’ll stay for about three weeks.  The Goddess of Love and Justice is most comfortable in the sign that seeks harmony and balance, preferring peaceful solutions while also being concerned for the needs of others.  An appreciation of beauty in all forms, cultivating one’s artistic talents, expressing affection, and loving to socialize, will be highlighted during this time as well.

If you’re feeling a bit wired today, or your mind is overactive but maybe focused as well, it’s because Mercury will be turning retrograde around sunrise tomorrow. We’ll be discussing the best ways to use Mercury retrograde in your daily life on Tuesday, so stay tuned.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday August 25-27

August 25, 2016

Our Friday begins with the Moon still in the mentally active, versatile Air sign Gemini, where she’ll stay until just after 8 o’clock this evening.  Until then, being busy at work and /or sociable with others, fits the energy of Luna in the sign of the Twins.

In fact, much of this morning the Moon and Uranus flowingly interact, helping put a zip in our step, and creating a sense of friendliness and open minded conversation.  Then this afternoon Venus, Jupiter and Mercury stir up the lunar energy, keeping us active and engaged, though not without a misstep or two, or maybe talking a bit too much.  Really nothing to stress about.  Just try to stay fairly relaxed.

As mentioned earlier, just after 8PM the Moon moves into her comfort zone, the sensitive Water sign Cancer, where she’ll remain through the weekend.  So during Friday evening, and through Saturday and Sunday, expressing feelings, caring for and nurturing one another, concern for family matters, and appreciating the comforts of home, could be some of what is important to us.  Also, be aware of the tendency to being overly sensitive, anxious, or retreating into your shell as a form of self protection.

Thankfully, these less attractive qualities will be far outweighed all day Saturday by the combination of  beneficial Venus and Jupiter in the same place in the Zodiac.  Good feelings toward others, a sense of positivity and optimism, love, music, essentially celebrating life, is what Venus/Jupiter energy is all about.  Saturday is just a good day to be what you’d want life to be.  Even an afternoon interaction between the Cancer Moon and watery Neptune does everything from highlighting our feelings and sensitivity toward others, to heightening our intuition and insight.

And while Sunday may find some minor emotional ups and downs, especially in the early afternoon, there’s also an uplifting combining of energies between the two very personal planets Mercury and Venus.  Lighthearted yet thoughtful conversation, an appreciation of aesthetic beauty, communicating love and affection, are just some of what Mercury/Venus has to offer.  This is as much an opportunity for expressing what is in your heart

In addition, late Sunday evening the Cancer Moon pleasantly interacts with Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury, further encouraging positive feelings, meaningful conversation, expressions of affection, and an appreciation of home and family.

Overall, it’s a weekend  filled with many moments and opportunities to truly appreciate life.  Enjoy.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Wednesday August 24

August 23, 2016

To start our day, the Mars/Saturn contact mentioned yesterday remains powerful as we move into Wednesday.  As a result, we could feel a bit tense or on edge, perhaps finding it difficult to relax.  Yet even if we’re feeling a bit challenged, the placement of these two planets in optimistic Sagittarius will keep us positive and forward looking.  The best use of Mars/Saturn energy is to focus on work that requires concentration and discipline. 

To aid in this process is an able assistance from the patient Taurus Moon and her interaction with both Mercury and Jupiter in detail oriented Virgo, which will be most helpful as mid morning approaches the noon hour.  This is an ideal time to work on, and finish, a project.  If this is not possible, at least get the heavy lifting done where much is required, then taper off some in the afternoon as the Moon winds down her time in the sign of the Bull.

Just before 5PM Luna moves into the intellectual, talkative, restless Air sign Gemini, where she’ll remain until Friday evening.  While the Moon is in the sign of the Twins, it can be a very mentally stimulating time.  Sharing information and ideas with others, using our talents of persuasion, even fine tuning our writing skills, can be good use of our energy. Socializing and enjoying the company of others, especially in a light hearted fashion, can keep us in an upbeat mood as well.  Just make sure not to scatter your energies, do too much at one time, or be superficial when a more thoughtful approach is called for.

Also happening on our Wednesday evening is the last quarter Moon between the Virgo Sun and Luna in Gemini.  Feeling restless and changeable could occur.  Too much going on in our mind could cause a lack of focus, plus we could find it difficult in expressing feelings and emotions.  Trying to discuss matters in an analytical, detail oriented fashion, and realizing that saying less is best, is a good approach at this time.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Tuesday August 23

August 23, 2016

Today is a rather quiet day with regard to lunar activity.  Our morning finds the easy going Taurus Moon feeling the sensitive, idealistic rays of Neptune.  So it’s possible we could begin our Tuesday being both practical and imaginative, and thoughtfully in tune with the needs of others.

Then later this afternoon the the empowering energy of Pluto affects the Moon, helping us deal with circumstances in a patient and perceptive fashion.  From dealing with financial matters at work, to being closer to nature at home, this Moon/Pluto combination can also strengthen us emotionally and help us feel more secure within ourselves.

Yet what will be making its presence known over the next couple of days is assertive Mars and cautious Saturn in the same location in the optimistic, forward looking Fire sign Sagittarius.  These very different planetary energies can be  a double edged sword in how we get things done.  Used productively, the enthusiasm and confidence of Mars combined with the discipline and persistence of Saturn can help us work hard in achieving our goals. However, a sense of frustration and impatience could also occur, limiting our ability to be as productive as possible.  If tension does result, use the patience of Saturn as well as the Moon in Taurus, along with the positive outlook of the sign of the Archer, to keep things in balance and moving forward.  Much can be accomplished during this time.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday August 22

August 21, 2016

The positive Mercury/Jupiter energy from Sunday night that we discussed in the weekend forecast is still helping us begin today on a positive note.  It’s also possible that early risers could feel a bit restless, or just basically energetic, as the Aries Moon and Uranus join together before dawn.

As Luna makes no planetary contacts, and is “void of course” until moving into earthy Taurus this afternoon, it’s best to use your morning to get your work space in order, tidy up loose ends, and consider what projects you’ll tackle once the Moon enters practical, patient Taurus just before 2:30.

Earth energy is certainly the focus today, as the Sun also changes signs.  He’ll be ending his month long journey through the loving, extroverted, generous Fire sign Leo, and moving into the analytical, reserved, work oriented Earth sign Virgo just after 9:30 this morning, where he’ll remain until September 22nd.  During this time, being attentive to details, dealing with life in an orderly fashion whether at work or home, should come more naturally, as will the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.  Due to the mental nature of Virgo, communication on a practical level is more likely as well.  Of course, watch out for the Virgo tendency to be picky, overly critical of self and others, faultfinding, or worrying too much. Do your best to use the discriminating nature of this thoughtful, conscientious, service oriented sign to accomplish much, and be as productive as possible.

What could be problematic as we move through our Monday is a less than obvious but tense interaction between the Sun and Pluto, which could lead to conflict, subtle control issues, or even a sense of insecurity, that need to be dealt with.  If something like this occurs, try to use the qualities of detachment and self awareness to help resolve the issue.

Also, as afternoon moves into evening, Mars and Uranus awkwardly combine their energies.  This planetary happening could cause all of us to be a bit on edge, impulsive, overly assertive, unpredictable, or opinionated.  Above all, avoid the inclination to overreact to circumstances, or only see your side of an issue.  Use the Sun/Moon Earth emphasis mentioned earlier to stay grounded and patient, which should be helpful in any situation.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday August 19-21

August 18, 2016

While we slept last night, the Pisces Moon was interacting with both Saturn and Neptune, Combine this with the Mercury/Chiron contact we examined yesterday, and it’s possible we could awaken this morning not as clear headed as we’d like to be.  

In addition, there’s an awkward interaction between mental Mercury and unpredictable Uranus  much of our day that could lead to both our ideas, and ability to think and communicate, being a bit off kilter. We could find ourselves speaking impulsively, and not necessarily on the mark.  To be honest, with all of the above, a touch of worry or anxiety could also affect how how we’re able to move into our Friday.

Thankfully, there’s a helpful interaction later this morning between the Moon and Pluto that can give us a bit more emotional strength to both interact with, and be sensitive to, the needs of others, and help remove any emotional baggage that may be affecting how we’re feeling.

This afternoon there’s a Moon/Venus interaction that often indicates difficulty in expressing and receiving affection.  This contact is both short lived and relatively minor in the scheme of things, yet could find us being overly sensitive, especially in social situations or on the job.

Saturday is unusual in that the only lunar contacts occur before sunrise.  With the Moon feeling the affects of Mercury and Jupiter, we could wake up overly optimistic, with much chitter chatter flying through our brain.  Avoid the inclination to think the best yard sale bargain ever is right around the corner, or that you can clean the house in less than an hour.

And while the Pisces Moon does not give us a tremendous amount of motivation to begin our Saturday, just after 12 Noon Luna moves into the energetic, take the initiative Fire sign Aries.  And while Aries gives us a boost of enthusiasm, it’s possible we could lack the focus and direction as to exactly what to do, and be more impulsive than anything else.  If you’ve planned your day beforehand, you’ll likely get more accomplished.

Once again, lunar contacts occurring before we wake up may affect our Sunday.  Yet these are productive interactions with both Mars and Saturn, giving us the energy and initiative, and the structure and organization, to begin our day.  Much could be accomplished as a result.

Yet what could be even more helpful on our Sunday is a powerful evening contact between Mercury and Jupiter that will still be in effect Monday morning.  An attitude of optimism and hopefulness, the power of positive thinking, even looking forward to the work week or going back to school, could define our Sunday evening. Certainly a pleasant way to wind down our weekend.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Thursday August 18

August 17, 2016

Today of course is highlighted by the Aquarius Full Moon early this morning that we discussed yesterday. In addition to all that was said then, let me add that social networking, connecting with like minded folks regarding issues of community concern, would be a good place to direct your energies. If it fits your basic temperament, taking a leadership role would be of value to all concerned as well.

Just past 9:30 this morning the Moon moves into the imaginative, idealistic Water sign Pisces, where she’ll remain until just after the Noon hour on Saturday.  While in the sign ruled by Neptune, God of the Oceans, we could easily become more sensitive and emotional than usual.  It’s possible past memories, or our own insecurities, could be the cause of any heightened reaction to the present.  

Yet this is also a time to utilize one’s creative imagination, especially in art or music.  It’s also possible to tap into your intuition.  Moods and intention could vary from thoughtful, empathetic, and compassionate, to overly sensitive, spacey, even emotionally withdrawn as a form of self protection.  Above all, this is an opportunity to see the deeper meaning of a situation to help enhance your own spiritual nature.

As Thursday evening approaches, there may be a touch of mental confusion, as Mercury is being influenced by Chiron the Wounded Healer.  Not observing or interpreting situations correctly, or having difficulty concentrating as hidden memories rise to the surface, are just some of the circumstances that could cloud our judgement.  

If anything like this takes place, use this opportunity to more deeply intuit why this awkwardness is occurring, even seeing what is happening as the potential for some quality of healing.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Wednesday August 17

August 17, 2016

Today continues to find the Moon still moving through the intellectual, open minded, independent sign Aquarius, gaining in light in anticipation of the Full Moon tomorrow morning around 2:30 AM.  

Yet what is most influential in the sky today is loving Venus receiving the rays of transformative Pluto.  It’s quite possible we will feel more empowered in our meaningful relationships, expressing ourselves with more depth and commitment.  We may also find ourselves more connected with what we value that makes our life richer and more rewarding.  Finances could be part of the picture as well.

Even though the Full Moon is early Thursday morning, we are feeling its energy very powerfully today and this evening.  The Aquarius Full Moon of course also features the Sun in Leo, the sign the Sun rules.  In astrology, the Sun rules the heart, so much a symbol of love, joy, and generosity of spirit, just as does the sign Leo.  Aquarian energy, as has been mentioned before, is intellectual, progressive, and at times unconventional.  The sign of the Water Bearer, the dispenser of knowledge, is of course concerned about the welfare of the people and society as a whole.  We can use this Full Moon energy to harness these qualities within ourselves, and in our own fashion shine our own light out into the world.

The fact that the planet Uranus, the ruler of the sign Aquarius, strongly affects both Luminaries, that is, the Sun and Moon, only further encourages us to use our own individuality to the fullest.

Other helpful Full Moon circumstances include a very meaningful connection between mental Mercury and optimistic Jupiter in Virgo.  This combination helps put us in a positive frame of mind regarding the work we do, and being of service to others.  See the powerful connection between Venus and Pluto mentioned earlier in the Forecast to embrace what these planets have to offer.  

Finally, there is a problematic contact between Mars and Saturn, and their stressful interaction with Neptune.  This combination could cause us to feel frustrated, angry, and confused, though quite possibly just as much about  circumstances outside ourselves as our own issues.

Overall, this is a very bountiful Full Moon.  Use its highlights to your best advantage!

Cosmic Weather Forecast Tuesday August 16

August 15, 2016


Just before sunrise the Moon entered the friendly, open minded, independent Air sign Aquarius, where she’ll remain until Thursday morning. Aquarius not only encourages us to take an intellectual approach to life, but to do so from our own unique and personal perspective.  Yet our focus can just as well be a concern for the well being of others, as well as what is happening in society at large.  Needing our own space and sense of freedom could be more important than usual.  Also, while being open and engaging with all types of people, we can just as easily come across as detached, or even aloof.

There’s a very energizing contact between Luna and Mars in optimistic Sagittarius in the afternoon that will help us to assert ourselves in a friendly, positive and confident manner, getting along with and not offending others.

Yet what really occupies our Tuesday are Solar happenings, as the Sun in Leo interacts with both Chiron the Wounded Healer, and Innovative, need for change Uranus.  The Chiron influence could find us more sensitive or insecure than usual, but also more caring and compassionate toward both ourselves and others.

The Uranian energy presents and excellent opportunity to be open to new and different ways of being creative and self expressive.  It’s also a great time to feel confident regarding your leadership skills.  You may also learn more about yourself and the unique person that you are.

With the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun/Uranus combination, today is an optimum time for the new and different, for being open to, or even initiating change, and being friendly, engaging, and encouraging to others.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday August 15

August 14, 2016

The first day of the work week provides us ample Lunar energy to make this a productive Monday.

For starters, the Moon continues her passage through the disciplined, hard working Earth sign Capricorn, giving us a practical approach to what needs getting done.  

Around noon, Luna and Mercury in detail oriented Virgo have a very harmonious interaction.  So late morning and early afternoon gives us the opportunity to both focus our mental energies, and communicate with others with forethought and knowledge of the facts.  Business lunch meetings can be extremely productive.

As evening approaches, the independent planet Uranus affects the Moon.  And while this could cause some restlessness, unexpected circumstances, or impulsive behavior, it’s also a chance to break free from limitations self imposed of otherwise, or to look at circumstances in a new and different way.

Very soon after, optimistic Jupiter uplifts the lunar Capricorn energy, encouraging a more hopeful and positive outlook on work, health, or any forward looking venture.  Needless to say, a pleasant way to wind down the day.