Cosmic Weather Forecast Tuesday September 27

September 26, 2016

Today features a meaningful sign change for assertive Mars, as well as the Moon’s passage into the work and health oriented Earth sign Virgo.  Yet as our day begins Luna is still in the extroverted, uplifting Fire sign Leo, where she’ll remain until early this afternoon.  During this time you have the opportunity to let your feelings and emotions radiate outward, either in a dramatic fashion, or in showing kindness and generosity toward others.

Then just before 3PM the Moon moves into analytical, detail oriented Virgo, where she’ll remain until just after midnight Friday morning.  Until then, you can focus your mind on anything that requires critical thinking and attention to detail.  A sense of shyness and reserve can also be part of Luna in Virgo.  Of course it’s best not to become overly critical of self and others, or worry or ruminate over and over regarding something that happened in the past, or is believed to be on the horizon.  Also, this is a good time to be attentive to any diet or health needs, and doing good self care.

In addition to the Moon moving into Earthy Virgo, shortly after midnight this morning Mars left the optimistic, freedom loving Fire sign Sagittarius,  and moved into the hard working, goal oriented Earth sign Capricorn.  In many ways, this is the best sign location for fiery Mars, as the assertive, take the initiative, but sometimes impulsive nature of the Red planet can now be used in a more focused and directed fashion.

Here the Capricorn ambition and executive leadership ability of both Capricorn and Mars combine to help us harness our energy to achieve the work and career goals we aspire to. The fact that Mars will remain in Capricorn until the evening of November 8th, the day of local to national elections, is a perfect fit for all folks vying for public office in Fall, 2016.  For the rest of us, keeping our energy more consolidated and directed, while moving in a less rushed fashion, will help us more patiently accomplish whatever tasks we focus on in the weeks ahead.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday September 26

September 26, 2016

At first glance, today appears to be a fairly quiet day in the cosmos.  The very positive and inspiring Sun/Jupiter contact from yesterday could still be having a uplifting affect on our Monday morning.  And of course the current passage of the Moon through warm hearted, generous Leo helps us to generate feelings of love, enthusiasm and encouragement out into the world.  Yet as Luna receives no energy direction from other planets today, the lunar influence may seem to be more subtle than usual.

Yet what is most powerful today is the lack of movement of Pluto, which from our vantage point appears to be standing still, or stationary, in the sky above, 3 BILLION miles away!!  Yet despite this distance, the Lord of the Underworld is still capable of having a very strong impact upon us.  This is especially true if you are presently going through a phase of transition physically or psychologically, experiencing increased responsibilities and obligations, or weighing any important decisions around career.  Be both patient and persistent in moving forward at this time.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday September 23-25

September 22, 2016

Today features two heavenly bodies changing signs that can have an affect on our mood and behavior. First, very early this morning, the Moon left the extroverted, mentally active sign Gemini, and moved into the feeling oriented, security minded sign Cancer, the sign naturally ruled by Luna.  So for the next couple of days, we will likely tend to react to the world around us more from emotion than intellect.

On the plus side, being sensitive to the needs of others, as well as being caring and nurturing, especially toward family members, is more likely than not.  Even a touch of sentimentally could have us reflecting on the past.  Being overly cautious, defensive, or retreating into your shell, are habit patterns to watch out for.

There’s a Lunar contact with Jupiter around sunrise that could have us in an overly optimistic mood, or just wanting to stay in bed a little longer.  It could be we’re just not that motivated to get up and get going, or take life too seriously.

Also occurring just before 8AM on our Friday is the planet Venus, who has so far spent this month in sociable, harmony seeking Libra, a sign that she rules, now entering the passionate, sometimes jealous sign Scorpio, where she’ll remain until mid October. Attraction, expressing affection, wanting to get our more meaningful relationship needs met, could be a bit more intense during this period.  Use this time to love more deeply, both emotionally and physically.  Avoid possessiveness, being stubborn or secretive, or needing to have control.  Use this time to create deeper meaning in your relationships, and to be there for the needs of others where trust and commitment are involved.

During the day on Saturday, the Moon is somewhat free floating through the sign of the Crab, without any planetary contacts taking place.  This is an opportunity to be domestic, from chores around the house, to working in the garden.  

Yet when the planet Uranus affects the Moon in the early evening, we might suddenly be feeling restless,wanting to do something different or unexpected.  And as it’s the weekend, you have a bit more luxury to act on impulse.  Just make sure it’s not an emotional reaction to something that motivates you.

Sunday not only dawns as a brand new day, but the Moon enters the outgoing, generous life loving sign Leo just as the Sun rises in the east.  And while there’s an awkward Moon/Venus contact late in the morning that could affect our ability to express and receive affection, uplifting Lunar contacts with both the Sun and Jupiter soon after will help make our afternoon a time to be sociable, engaging, positive, and just in a really good mood.

But most of all, today features that once a year moment when for a day or so the radiant Sun, and enthusiastic, optimistic Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, are in the same place in the Zodiac.  With these two expressions of fiery energy in the partnership sign Libra, the only real challenge  is finding a balance between it being about you, or others in your life.  For today, just have a pleasurable time, be thankful and grateful, and embrace the magic of the moment.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Thursday September 22

September 21, 2016

Today is one of the two days of the year when the hours of light and dark are equal, meaning the Fall Equinox is upon us, occurring at just after 7:20 this morning.  So the Sun has now left his 30 day journey through detailed, work and service oriented Virgo, and is now in the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, and where we also are seekers of Truth and Justice.

When Sol is in Libra, the aim is for harmony, thoughtful and engaging conversation, socializing, expressing concern for others, and of course, being affectionate and romantic. Yet those less admirable Libra traits of laziness, indecision, even being a bit on the vain side, could undermine the best of intentions.  Do you best to avoid these circumstances in the weeks ahead.

Use the time that the Sun is in the sign of the Scales to find a balance between the needs of self and others, to be diplomatic, and to enjoy and appreciate good conversation.  Above all, avoid confrontation, try to see both sides of an issue, cultivate any artistic and musical interests you may have, appreciate beauty in all forms, and be as loving as possible.

With the Moon continuing her passage through mentally active Gemini all day today, it’s a time for stimulating conversation and being idea and information oriented.,  Making good use of the written and spoken word is a plus on our Thursday.

This would be especially true this afternoon, when Luna and independent minded Uranus flowingly interact, This is an optimum time to be with friends, to be open to new ideas and activities, and  be concerned about the social issues of the day.

Later this evening, the Gemini Moon and Mars in Sagittarius interact with one another.  And while this could have us stimulated and active, we could also be quick to act, or outspoken when expressing our opinion.  Touch base with Libra diplomacy if this happens, or feel energized in wanting to get out and get things done.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Wednesday September 21

September 21, 2016

The most notable event on our Wednesday is Mercury, the ruler of thought and communication, ending his retrograde motion around 10:30 this evening and turning direct. And while this may seem to be welcome news, as our mind could be focused and alert, it could also be that restlessness, mental or physical, or both, could take place.

Of course, with the Moon in mentally active Gemini all day today, being restless and talkative can often occur when Luna passes through the sign of the Twins.  Yet this afternoon could find some of us feeling a bit uncertain or confused, as vacillating Neptune influences the changeable Gemini Moon.  Then soon after serious Saturn affects the Moon, which can often cause us to feel discouraged, or where responsibilities and obligations weigh a bit more heavily than usual.  Even a tense interaction between the Gemini Moon and stationary Mercury as we near the midnight hour could cause our mental processes to be off center or scattered.

Essentially, today is probably not a good day to make decisions or come to conclusions, as at times clarity of thought could be lacking, or we may just be worrying too much.  Waiting until tomorrow, and the Fall Equinox, should bring more hopeful energy, as well as the ability to use the focused Mercury/Pluto combination we discussed Monday to our advantage.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Tuesday September 20

September 19, 2016

Today the Moon continues her journey through the grounded, practical Earth sign Taurus until just before 11PM, when she enters the intellectually curious, talkative Air sign Gemini.  Considering that Luna’s planetary interactions while passing through the sign of the Bull have been mainly helpful and supportive in influencing our daily routine, being patient, organized, and realistically tending to our needs for financial security has just come a bit more naturally.

What will be of real benefit this evening is a very harmonious interaction between the Taurus Moon and the Sun in Virgo.  This Earth influence creates the ability to truly take a practical and detailed oriented approach to any issue or project that needs our attention.  This is especially true of any of any work or service related endeavor that is meaningful in your life.

What is also quite beneficial in our ability to use our brainpower and improve our communication skills is today’s productive contact between Mercury and Pluto.  The fact that the “Messenger of the Gods" is about to end his three week retrograde journey and begin his forward motion tomorrow, allows us to use this very powerful Mercury/Pluto energy to our advantage most all of this week.  Our ability to probe and investigate, to analyze and assess, and more deeply understand the reality of a situation, is quite meaningful at this time.  You can certainly use the written or spoken word to your advantage during this period.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday September 19

September 18, 2016

Today is for the most part a fortunate day in a couple of ways.  For starters, the very pleasant Venus/Mars interaction from yesterday that brought a sense of enjoyment and optimism into our activities, as well as perhaps affection and even sexuality with our significant other, is still being felt this morning.  This energy is certainly helping to create a harmonious start to our Monday.

However, there’s also a minor Venus/Neptune contact around this time as well, which may cause some misplaced ideals, or perhaps a bit of confusion in relationships.  Yet creative imagination could inspire our artistic abilities.

Then later today and this evening the limiting nature of Saturn also influences the Venus impulse for harmony, affection, and getting along with others. This could cause a bit of discouragement, or bring added responsibilities into our life.

Thankfully, the Moon, which was in energetic Aries all weekend, adding uplift and enthusiasm to most all our activities, has now moved into patient, security minded Taurus, where she’ll remain until late Tuesday evening.  During this time, not being in a rush will help us be more organized.  Plus, the slower pace of the sign of the Bull will help us appreciate beauty, and the natural world that surrounds us.

Later this evening, Luna productively interacts with both Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo.  This combination of Earth sign energies helps us be more grounded, as well as more in touch with our feelings and emotions.  As a result, we’re able to communicate what is deep within ourselves in a more insightful and meaningful way.  This is also an opportunity to focus on any project that relates to work, or any career ambitions that have importance to you at this time.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday September 16-18

September 15, 2016

Today the Moon remains in idealistic Pisces until later this evening.  And while her interaction with Mars later this morning could have us energized though maybe also agitated or upset, it’s the Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse just past the Noon hour that highlights our day and weekend, as well as affecting how we react on the emotional and subconscious level in the weeks ahead.

The focal point of the eclipse chart, a Full Moon on steroids, is the tension between the Sun in earthy Virgo, the Moon in watery Pisces, and Mars in fiery Sagittarius.  Here we have a conflict, and the need to find a balance, between the mental, the practical and efficient, and feelings, emotion, and intuition.  With Chiron the Wounded Healer in Pisces also in the mix, this can be as much about deep insecurities, and confronting unconscious, even irrational fears and anxieties.  In addition, the Mars in Sagittarius component can be a powerful expression of anger, even prejudice (negative Sagittarian energy), projected ( a flawed Pisces quality) onto others.

As we can see, this is so much of what is being played out in our society today. and eclipses usually have more to do with the larger collective than the personal.  Yet if in any way the above challenges relate to your life circumstances, endeavor to do some self awareness work, as well as the emotional healing required to create a healthier state of mental and physical well being.

On the positive side of the eclipse, there are two very productive and helpful planetary configurations that will awaken and encourage changes that need taking place on both the broader, social scale, as well as the personal.

First, there’s an interaction between Mercury and Pluto , two planets soon to be stationary in the sky above in Earth signs Virgo and Capricorn.  This combination will give us the ability to probe deeply, to uproot what exists beneath the surface, to insightfully process and intelligently communicate with others about what you see now presently before you. Understanding and stating truth is very powerful at this time as well.

In addition, there’s a strong contact between Mars and Uranus in Fire signs Sagittarius and Aries.  Here the need for independence, to break free, to march to one’s own drummer, can be initiated.  On a larger scale, the Warrior impulse gives the courage to speak truth, to take the initiative for justice, to work for the common good, while illuminating new ways of harnessing positive energy for the future.

On a personal and present level, the Mars/Uranus combination effective over the next couple of days can light a spark underneath us that is both exciting and energizing.  Take advantage of this opportunity to get out and do something different, to enjoy music and sporting activities, and to be a participant as much as a spectator.

In fact, getting out, being active, and taking the initiative will come naturally, as the Moon moves into extroverted Aries later this evening, and will stay there pretty much all weekend. And as being spontaneous and impulsive could also be part of the equation, have fun with your childlike self, but don’t do anything foolish.

This is especially true regarding relationships, as on Saturday and Sunday Venus, the Goddess of Love and Romance in affectionate Libra, interacts with unpredictable Uranus in impulsive Aries.  It’s as if someone new and exciting comes upon the scene, a person different or out of the ordinary, that you immediately become attracted to..  Anything you initiate at this time will likely be short lived, so be alert to this reality.

Also occurring later this weekend and into Monday is a very harmonious contact between Venus and Mars that can bring romance and sexuality into your life.  For folks in a healthy and compatible relationship, this is an opportunity to add a bit of pizzaz to your weekend, to bring sparkle to our Sunday, and express affection energetically.

Use the Pisces Lunar Eclipse to more deeply connect with your feelings and emotions, and the Moon in Aries energy to add warmth and joy to your weekend.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Thursday September 15

September 14, 2016

It’s possible you could move through today without anything problematic taking place.  If this happens for you, consider yourself fortunate.  I say this because Thursday, while not overwhelmingly difficult, could at times be a day of some unsettled moodiness, beginning with the Sun/Chiron interaction discussed yesterday.  As mentioned, insecurities and anxieties could have percolated up to the surface overnight, keeping us a little off center.  Of course, becoming more self aware,  being good to yourself, and creating a sense of faith and hopefulness, could also be a result.

With the Moon continuing her passage through sensitive, empathetic Pisces the entire day, our feelings and emotions could be a bit more evident.  Qualities of idealism and compassion may also be a part of who we are as we interact with others.  Imagination and intuition could also be helpful.

Yet around midday and early afternoon Luna interacts first with nebulous Neptune, and then serious Saturn.  This combination could create moodiness, or feelings of uncertainty.   Also, we might be somewhat discouraged, including regarding work and responsibilities.

Thankfully, a productive Moon/Pluto contact in the evening could improve our emotional outlook on life, even helping us to use our sensitivity and compassion in being more connected with ourselves, as well as being available to others.

Yet what is most notable on our Thursday is an awkward interaction between the Sun and Uranus.  Unsettled or unpredictable circumstances could affect our day, including on the job. Changes in our normal routine may occur, or there could be a certain restlessness. We may even have a "wanting to break free" feeling that we can’t really act upon.  Take this time to look at what changes you’d really like to implement in yourself and your life if you could, and use this awareness as productively as possible.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Wednesday September 14

September 14, 2016

The Moon is still in independent Aquarius as our morning begins.  For very early risers, a supportive Moon/Mars contact is a definite energy pick me up, with a sense of enthusiasm thrown in.  A bit later, Luna’s interaction with Uranus can give a sense of independence, being open to doing something different, or just hanging out with friends.

And while the Moon remains in Aquarius until around sundown, our time is best spent being friendly and open with others, or maybe doing something on your own, but not necessarily initiating anything new.

The Moon moves into sensitive, empathetic, imaginative Pisces around sunset.  This could encourage a relaxing evening with idealistic like minded friends, or perhaps with someone you feel close to, or by yourself in thoughtful contemplation.  

Actually, there’s a meaningful evening and Thursday morning contact between the Virgo Sun and Chiron the Wounded Healer in Pisces that may help put us more in touch with some of our anxieties and insecurities.  And while this may not sound like much fun, this Sun/Chiron connection could ultimately encourage a sense of faith and hope, a deeper understanding of ourselves, and a greater feeling of compassion for self and others.