Cosmic Weather Forecast Thursday May 19-21

May 20, 2017

Interestingly, our Friday features a trio of planetary contacts that could have begun affecting our life as early as Thursday afternoon or evening, so my apologies for not featuring them in yesterday’s Forecast.

Most influential today is the interaction between Venus and Jupiter that could at least affect our morning activities. While these two planets can bring positive happenings and an optimistic outlook on life, together they can also cause us to exaggerate, overdo pleasurable activities, and lack caution, especially where spending money is involved. At best, use this contact to be encouraging of others, and cultivate a sense of abundance that you can share as you move through your day.

In a similar vein, there’s an interaction between the Sun and Jupiter that could lead to similar circumstances throughout our Friday. Of course it’s a good thing to have an optimistic and generous attitude and outlook. Just be sure you use the Sun in the sign of the Bull to be more practical and grounded rather than indulgent.

Also affecting our Friday is a subtle contact between Mars and Pluto that could cause folks to express anger, or need to be in control. If you experience these traits in yourself or others, take charge of your own behavior and reactions, and use today’s Jupiter in Libra energy to be balanced and considerate regarding whatever circumstances that may occur.

It’s also important to note that all day today and Saturday the Moon is in the imaginative, sensitive, highly impressionable Water sign Pisces. As a result, feelings and emotions could affect our reaction to life’s circumstances. This could be especially true this evening, as the Moon and Pisces ruler Neptune are in the same location in the Zodiac. On the plus side, this could be a time of sensitivity and caring toward others, or emotionally comforting ourselves. However, if indulgence in alcohol or drugs has begun your weekend, be alert to a lack of clarity or good judgement that may result.

Saturday will likely be a day of activity, starting with an early morning contact between the Moon and Pluto. This combination helps us to emotionally engage with those around us. And while a Mars/Moon interaction soon after could also stimulate our feelings and get our day moving, a temper or sharp words could also happen. If this occurs, just cool down, and remember it’s the weekend that is just starting.

Also beginning around 1:30 Saturday afternoon is the Sun’s passage into the mentally active, talkative, versatile Air sign Gemini, where he will remain until June 20th. While the Sun is in the sign of the Twins, communication of all types tends to be emphasized. Whether it’s a brief expression of the written or spoken word, or a lengthy focus on a project where dispensing information and ideas that need to take place, this is an opportune time to be mentally alert, and use your wit and quick thinking to your advantage. Of course Gemini energy can also be superficial, restless, or cause us to take on too many activities, so be alert to these energy scattering tendencies.

While most of us are still asleep Sunday morning, the Moon moves into the energetic sign Aries just after 3 o clock on the west coast, followed soon after by a harmonious interaction with the Gemini Sun. This combination could easily make for a mentally and physically active day while enjoying the company of others.

However, there’s also an all day contact between the personal planets Mercury and Mars, the ruling planets of the signs Aries and Gemini. Tension between these two planets can affect our words and actions to where we’re we might be too quick to act, or impulsively speak our mind. This is certainly a day to be careful while driving, and make sure you’re not the person losing your temper. At best, use this Sunday Mercury/Mars combination to loudly root for your favorite sports team, or get out there on the field yourself.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Thursday December 29

December 29, 2016

Our Thursday Forecast will in some way look back on what was said this past Tuesday, when the nature of the planet Uranus was discussed. With the planet of the new and different, of the unexpected, presently appearing to be standing still in the sky above, some degree of change, from globally, to locally, to in your own personal life, is quite possible at this time, and in the days, even weeks, ahead.

From the need to remove obstacles in the world around us and within us, to creating new possibilities that aid us in feeling more free and independent, it’s certainly a time to be paying attention to what life is presenting to you. Circumstances might even be initially disruptive and unpredictable, yet in the long run much needed change and new ways of seeing and being in the world could result, perhaps setting us off in a direction different from what we’ve been used to.

With the Moon spending the entire day and much of Friday in the responsible and often hard working sign Capricorn, being serious could be what works for us at this time. This is especially true late this afternoon when Luna and intense, introspective Pluto are in the same degree in the Zodiac, which could heighten our emotional reaction to life.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Wednesday December 28

December 27, 2016

Between the time the Moon moves into the practical, serious minded sign Capricorn shortly after sunrise this morning, and the Capricorn New Moon occurs just before 11 this evening, we have a day where much mental activity will likely occur that encourages communication of any type.

To start with, the Sun and retrograde Mercury are in the same place in the Zodiac. This is an excellent opportunity to speak your mind and have a quick exchange of information and ideas, It’s also a good time to deal with any kind of paperwork, as well as consider what project or task you will want or need to initiate once the New Moon has occurred and you move into the remainder of the week.

Mercury is also productively interacting with Mars in sensitive and caring Pisces all day. This combination encourages us to confidently take the initiative in expressing ourselves, while thoughtfully getting your point across. Keep in mind that others may also be taking advantage of these Mercurial happenings, so don’t forget to take time to listen, which will of course help to get more accomplished.

This will be especially true once the Sun has set and evening is upon us, as the Moon interacts with both Mercury and Mars from about 7-11 PM. So whether you’re in the company of others, or on your own, there’s a balance of mind and emotion that will help you be tuned in to whatever needs your attention.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Tuesday December 27

December 27, 2016

It is our good fortune that for all of today the Moon continues her journey through the optimistic, freedom loving Fire sign Sagittarius. And these qualities just mentioned will be further enhanced as late morning and early afternoon finds Luna positively interacting with idealistic Jupiter and independent Uranus. As a result, any get together for lunch or other noon time activity could have a quality of spontaneity and openness. Around the same time, the Moon will be occupying the same location in the Zodiac as serious minded Saturn, which could add just enough caution and realism for there to be a perfect balance of qualities to make whatever is happening a helpful, productive experience.

Then as we approach sundown and shortly after the Sagittarius Moon and Venus in Aquarius harmoniously connect, making for a fun time to gather with a friend or two after work.

However, much of today also finds an awkward contact between the two very personal planets Mercury and Venus. As a result, there may be times during our Tuesday when thought, communication, and self expression do not flow quite as easily as hoped for. With Mercury still retrograde in the sky above, it’s a good time to think twice before commenting, and to be in good humor when words don’t come out as hoped for or intended.

Finally, it’s quite possible that to some degree we might all be feeling the unique and quirky energy of the planet Uranus as he begins to appear to be standing still in the sky above. With a powerful emphasis of the ruler of the sign Aquarius in the coming days, some degree of change may be on the horizon. We could be awakened to new possibilities in the world around us or within us, or recognize the need to identify and remove old attitudes and habit patterns that have been frustrating and limiting. Or both of these events could be occurring simultaneously.

At worst, some degree of crisis could take place that wakes us up to what isn’t working that needs greater understanding. At best, we’ll have an opportunity to feel more free, to more further develop our sense of individuality and specialness. For most of us, this will not be a boring time.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday December 26

December 26, 2016

Today could easily be a high energy day, emphasized by planetary contacts between confident Mars,
optimistic Jupiter, and independent Uranus. Yet it’s also quite possible that the overall result of these interactions could have us somewhat restless or impatient, or having difficulty relaxing, especially in the morning hours. If you’re lucky enough to have the day off work, you can channel this excess energy into some type of activity such as bike riding or hiking. Yet it would be a good idea to use some caution, as the Mars/Uranus contact could find us prone to some unexpected injury or accident.

A strong interaction between two freedom oriented planets Jupiter and Uranus that has been building for about a week has reached its peak today. The result could be that you are feeling the need to break free from some limitation or restriction, or to bring something new or different into your life. It could be that either you in some fashion initiate change in your own life, or assist in doing so in another person’s life.

With the Moon in the positive Fire sign Sagittarius all day, we’re likely to be in an upbeat, expansive mood no matter what.  Plus, a productive contact between the Sun in earthy Capricorn and Mars in sensitive Pisces from today through Wednesday will add to our sense of vitality, feeling confident, even helping us in taking the initiative or adding to any leadership skills you may be gifted with.

Finally, all day today a helpful contact between mental Mercury and imaginative Neptune will aid in our ability to think both practically and creatively, plus using our intuition in any form of communication.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday December 23-25

December 23, 2016

Our Christmas weekend would appear to be starting off on a rather challenging note, as the Moon enters the emotionally intense, at times inward dwelling Water sign Scorpio, usually not a comfortable placement for the sensitive, feeling and nurturing nature of the Moon. Plus, with the Moon’s rather slow movement around the Earth at this time, Luna will remain in the sign of the Scorpion until Sunday evening. Thankfully, throughout our weekend, the planetary contacts with the Moon, and among the planets themselves, will be mostly helpful and affirming, allowing us to use the Lunar Scorpio energy to our advantage.

For example, later this morning, the Moon shares a flowing interaction with the Sun in practical Capricorn, creating a balance between our emotional nature, and a down to earth approach to life. This attitude will then move into the early afternoon, where we find Mars in idealistic Pisces flowingly interacting with Luna. With Water signs involved, we will be able to combine emotional strength with depth and sensitivity, both in the way we express ourselves as well as interact with others. Certainly a very thoughtful and beneficial way to be with fellow employees on the last work day before Christmas.

Saturday morning finds us awakening to a productive connection between Mercury in Capricorn and the Scorpio Moon. Thinking and communication should flow fairly easily, with a patient, practical, even reflective approach to to whatever is important that needs tending to. Then later in the afternoon a Moon/Pluto contact may again strengthen our emotions, allowing for depth of feeling to be part of how we express ourselves and interact with others on Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukah.

What is also beneficial as well as we move into Saturday evening and much of Sunday are harmonious Venus in Aquarius interactions with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. Friendly, open minded, hopeful and optimistic, mature and constructive, are just some of the words that can easily describe the qualities that will enhance the Holiday Spirit.

Finally, the Saturn/Uranus contact mentioned a couple of days ago may be strongly felt today, allowing us to reflect on creating constructive change for the better. We can examine how to do this in our individual lives, as well as in society as a whole, combining self discipline with our own personal sense of independence. It’s like blending knowledge and maturity with a new and different way of dealing with life’s challenges and creating new opportunities.

Ultimately, this weekend is not so much about material gifts, but the feelings of friendship, love and emotional richness we share with others.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Thursday December 22

December 23, 2016

The Moon is spending all of Thursday in the sociable, agreeable sign Libra, a pleasant way to be as we share good feelings and prepare for our holiday weekend.

Late morning finds Luna in the same degree in the zodiac as optimistic Jupiter, which will help us in being positive and generous in our dealings with others. Around the same time the Moon and Saturn have a productive interaction, encouraging qualities of patience and practicality. So overall, from just before 9AM until almost the noon hour, the combination of the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn will easily bring a sense of balance and expansiveness, feeling good about life, and being productive in whatever we’re doing.

Yet during roughly the same period and shortly after, there’s a tense interaction between the Libra Moon and independent Uranus. This could result in circumstances that are somewhat unpredictable or unexpected, or it could be that you or someone else may do something that is a bit disruptive.

After these Lunar interactions, the Moon has no further planetary contacts, and is what is called “void of course”, until she moves into the more intense Water sign Scorpio around sunrise tomorrow. As a result, it’s best to use the remainder of your Thursday once the afternoon begins to take your time, be cordial and thoughtful with others, while being as centered as possible within yourself.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Wednesday December 21

December 21, 2016

The most important event occurring in our solar system today is the Sun’s passage into the sign Capricorn, and the celebration of the Winter Solstice. During this month long period when the Sun makes his passage through the sign of the Sea Goat, we can make good use of the Capricorn qualities of patience and perseverance, structure and discipline, and using our time wisely. Capricorn energy, ruled by the planet Saturn, can also create a sense of frustration or limitation in our life, even have us feeling a bit discouraged. If these less appealing tendencies occur, try to examine what lessons can be learned from what it is you are going through, increasing your sense of self.

Also taking taking place today is a stressful contact between Mars and Pluto, the traditional and modern rulers of the sign Scorpio. Mars and Pluto in conflict can cause us to be overly aggressive, or have control or anger issues come to the surface, affecting our dealings with others. With Mars in Pisces, which we discussed yesterday, conflict and tension can tend to be less overt and more subtle, including within ourselves. You can use this Mars/Pluto energy productively in areas such as confronting injustice, or in doing inner healing work on yourself.

What is also influencing us in the days ahead is a flowing interaction between Saturn in philosophical Sagittarius, and Uranus in independent Aries. As the traditional and modern rulers of the revolutionary sign Aquarius, you can use this very helpful combination to break free from limitations in your life, self imposed or otherwise, and expand your sense of personal freedom. In addition, this would also be an opportune time to examine and consider new and different ways of achieving meaningful goals in your life, especially those that relate to doing good in your community. Making change and expanding your horizons are a productive use of this Saturn/Uranus combination.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Tuesday December 20

December 20, 2016

While there is not much planetary activity affecting our day, what is taking place is somewhat meaningful.

First off, just before 6 this evening we have the last Quarter Moon in detail oriented Virgo. As a result, this coming week might be a good time to reflect on any tendency you may have toward being critical of self and others, being overly insecure, or too much of a perfectionist. If any of this is the case, do your best to just lighten up on yourself and others. This can be a special gift you give for the holidays.

Then just before the 7 o”clock hour, the Moon moves into the harmony seeking sign Libra, where she’ll remain until Friday morning. So between now and then, enjoy socializing, being thoughtful and loving toward others, and appreciate the goodness and beauty you see and experience. Adding these qualities to your Holiday season is just right for relieving any stress or anxiety you may be dealing with.

Today is also the last full day of the Sun’s passage through the optimistic, freedom loving sign Sagittarius. As a result, take time to reflect on what gives you faith, keeps you hopeful, inspires you to move forward in life, and be encouraging to others.

Finally, as mentioned yesterday, energetic Mars has just moved into the Water sign Pisces, where he’ll remain until near the end of January. During this time, the assertive, often ego oriented nature of the Red Planet can be put to good use through activating your creative imagination, being more cooperative than competitive, and avoiding conflict. Just make sure you also avoid repressing any anger or frustrations you may be feeling. At its best, use that Mars in Pisces energy to stand up for your ideals, or doing volunteer work with the less fortunate

Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday December 19

December 19, 2016

What an interesting day to begin our Christmas week. For starters, in the wee hours of this morning, Mercury, from our vantage point here on Earth, began its retrograde motion, where it will remain for three weeks. Of course, the usual misplaced items, having to retrace our steps, or things breaking down, could happen during this time. Yet, with Mercury in Earthy, practical Capricorn, being patient, realistic, and reflecting on short and long term goals, can make this a productive way to end 2016 and move into the new year.

Also happening just after midnight was the passage of energetic Mars into the watery, intuitive sign Pisces, where he will remain until almost the end of January. With much more to discuss for today, we’ll discuss Mars in Pisces tomorrow.

Speaking of both mental Mercury and active Mars, with a tense interaction between these two personal planets changing either sign or direction on the same day, this morning could find us restless, maybe quick to anger or speak our mind, or in too much of a hurry as we move into our Monday. If you find any of these things happening, take time to exert a little patience and caution, and all should be fine.

Thankfully, with the Moon still in Earthy, attentive to detail Virgo, this could help keep our mind focused and our emotions under control. In fact, noon and early afternoon finds the Virgo Moon and Capricorn Mercury positively interacting, helping to both calm the mind, improve our communication skills, and help us make sense regarding what we need to say and do, especially on the job.

Then later in the afternoon, an empowering contact between the Moon and Pluto helps to both strengthen us emotionally and keep us focused, a most helpful way to wind down the work day and ease into our evening.