Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday December 23-25

December 23, 2016

Our Christmas weekend would appear to be starting off on a rather challenging note, as the Moon enters the emotionally intense, at times inward dwelling Water sign Scorpio, usually not a comfortable placement for the sensitive, feeling and nurturing nature of the Moon. Plus, with the Moon’s rather slow movement around the Earth at this time, Luna will remain in the sign of the Scorpion until Sunday evening. Thankfully, throughout our weekend, the planetary contacts with the Moon, and among the planets themselves, will be mostly helpful and affirming, allowing us to use the Lunar Scorpio energy to our advantage.

For example, later this morning, the Moon shares a flowing interaction with the Sun in practical Capricorn, creating a balance between our emotional nature, and a down to earth approach to life. This attitude will then move into the early afternoon, where we find Mars in idealistic Pisces flowingly interacting with Luna. With Water signs involved, we will be able to combine emotional strength with depth and sensitivity, both in the way we express ourselves as well as interact with others. Certainly a very thoughtful and beneficial way to be with fellow employees on the last work day before Christmas.

Saturday morning finds us awakening to a productive connection between Mercury in Capricorn and the Scorpio Moon. Thinking and communication should flow fairly easily, with a patient, practical, even reflective approach to to whatever is important that needs tending to. Then later in the afternoon a Moon/Pluto contact may again strengthen our emotions, allowing for depth of feeling to be part of how we express ourselves and interact with others on Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukah.

What is also beneficial as well as we move into Saturday evening and much of Sunday are harmonious Venus in Aquarius interactions with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. Friendly, open minded, hopeful and optimistic, mature and constructive, are just some of the words that can easily describe the qualities that will enhance the Holiday Spirit.

Finally, the Saturn/Uranus contact mentioned a couple of days ago may be strongly felt today, allowing us to reflect on creating constructive change for the better. We can examine how to do this in our individual lives, as well as in society as a whole, combining self discipline with our own personal sense of independence. It’s like blending knowledge and maturity with a new and different way of dealing with life’s challenges and creating new opportunities.

Ultimately, this weekend is not so much about material gifts, but the feelings of friendship, love and emotional richness we share with others.