Cosmic Weather Forecast Thursday December 1

November 30, 2016

Our day begins with the Moon in the cautious Earth sign Capricorn, having entered the sign of the Sea Goat shortly after midnight. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn energy can cause us to be serious and emotionally reserved, focused on duties and obligations, as well as working hard at some task. At its best, this can be a day of patiently working toward a goal, and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

And while this combination of factors doesn’t necessarily appear to be much fun, we have the best antidote for this situation - a very upbeat interaction between action oriented Mars and optimistic Jupiter.  With these two Fire planets in intellectual Air signs Aquarius and Libra, the day is right for being active in both body and mind, taking the initiative, and feeling positive and hopeful. You could talk about, or act upon, your impulse toward humanitarian ideals, do good for others, even feel a sense of independence while pleasantly enjoying the company of friends and acquaintances.  If nothing else, just getting out and enjoying life can be part of your Thursday.

Combined with the Moon in Capricorn energy just mentioned, Mars and Jupiter can enthusiastically lead us toward accomplishing some personal goal, or broadening our horizons toward some future goal that ideally leads to a greater sense of harmony on the planet.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Wednesday November 30

November 29, 2016


Following up on yesterday’s New Moon in Sagittarius, Luna continues her brief journey through the optimistic, open minded sign of the Archer. Her flowing contact with the freedom loving planet Uranus around sunrise can have us feeling lively and spontaneous to begin our day. Then this evening, the Moon and Mercury combine their energies, encouraging an alert and active mind, heightened intuition, and the opportunity to enjoy meaningful and broadminded communication with others.

Yet by far the most influential cosmic occurrence on our Wednesday is a challenging interaction between the Sun and Neptune. As a result, it’s possible a touch of fatigue or spaciness could occur today, or you might feel a bit discouraged or lacking in confidence. This is not a good day to take on the world, especially as your ambitions may not be rooted in reality. Deceiving yourself or being deceived by others could occur as well.

At best, use your high ideals to be sensitive and empathetic toward others.  Appreciate the beauty around you, and explore the realms of creativity, imagination, even fantasy. Daydreaming about a better world where humanity is striving to do its best to live in harmony would work well today.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Tuesday November 29

November 29, 2016

The highlight of our Tuesday is is the New Moon in optimistic Sagittarius shortly before sunrise. A New Moon is as it sounds, an opportunity for new beginnings, new challenges and opportunities in the upcoming 28 day Lunar cycle.  Sagittarius energy is so much about expanding our horizons, having a broadminded outlook on life, our philosophy of life and personal belief system, and what is truth.

Yet what is interesting is that the most powerful planetary influence to this New Moon point is from idealistic but at times confusing Neptune. So it’s as if all the Sag qualities mentioned above need to be examined and clarified so we can determine what is truth, and what is illusion. If our sense of faith comes from a heartfelt connection to what is right and good and true, we are more likely to find ourselves embracing the holiday season with the best we have to offer. The fact that Sagittarius ruler Jupiter forms a productive interaction with Saturn, his brother in maturity and social responsibility, helps give us a positive approach to this New Moon energy.

However, there’s also a challenging interaction between the planets Jupiter, Uranus, Venus and Pluto, and the bodies Ceres and Eris. It’s possible facing issues regarding the health of both our closest loving relationship as well as business partnerships is on the horizon. We have the opportunity and potential to take control of our experiences with others. Of course control may imply inflexibility. Using compromise to find a balance should help things work out fine.

As for today. With an interaction between partnership oriented Venus and independent Uranus all day Tuesday, the unexpected could occur in our interactions with others either at work or home. Be open to the new and different, but don’t expect any permanent commitment.

Also, this evening features a harmonious interaction between the Sagittarius Moon and both upbeat Mars and Jupiter. Friendship, a sense of a common bond with others, and seeing the best in humanity, is possible.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday November 28

November 28, 2016


Today is a mostly quiet day in the cosmos, with no major interactions between planets. With the Moon in her final hours in the often cautious, deep feeling Water sign Scorpio, taking you time to get your day going after the long holiday weekend would be advisable,

Thankfully, with Luna moving into the optimistic, expansive Fire sign Sagittarius just before 1 PM, you’re more likely to feel upbeat as the day progresses. But with no planetary or Lunar contacts until the Sag New Moon early tomorrow morning, it would be best not to initiate any new projects today, but to take a more thoughtful and philosophical approach to your own life circumstances, or conditions in the nation and world in general.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday November 25-27

November 25, 2016


While Friday’s planetary interactions all occur before sunrise, their influence will likely still be felt into the morning hours. Venus, the planet that affects relationships, money and material security, and our sense of self worth and what we value, is being affected by both expansive Jupiter and intense, at times controlling Pluto during this time.

With so called “Black Friday” occurring the day after Thanksgiving, if we’re so inclined to get out and do that big shopping for bargains and savings, both Venus contacts could cause us to place way too much emphasis on the dollar, as opposed to what we’re grateful and thankful for. Yet even if this is not what we’re drawn to on our Friday, it could be that, with the Moon in harmony seeking Libra all day today, along with the strong contact between Venus an Jupiter, the planets of self indulgence, today could just turn out to be a very lazy day.

A helpful contact between Mercury and Uranus that begins to influence our thought processes late Friday and into Saturday encourages flashes of insight and heightened intuition. Conversations with others, or self expression through the written word, could have us focus on anything from progressive ideals and a quality of open-mindedness, to being attracted to new technologies, including those we may have purchased on Friday.

Yet a contact between Mercury and Chiron the Wounded Healer around the same time could also cause troublesome thoughts, or a sense of insecurity about our own mental abilities, to percolate to the surface. If these things do occur, it’s quite possible they are more irrational than anything else. See this as an opportunity to reflect on the causes as to why you may be feeling this way.

Also, with the Moon entering into the intense, and times obsessive sign Scorpio just after the stroke of midnight on Saturday, our weekend could be a combination of psychological detours and complexes, to a sense of passion and emotional strength in all that we do. Being more connected with the feelings and needs of both ourselves and others is likely as well.

The highlight of our Sunday is an interaction between the Sun and the planet Uranus. With the independent signs Sagittarius and Aries being highlighted, it could be we may be more inclined to go our own way, to do our own thing. Personal freedom may be more important than usual. In addition, a sense or restlessness or unpredictability could take place as well. Yet you can also use this Sun/Uranus contact to perhaps broaden your outlook on life, as well as being more independent and open to a new and different way of being in the world.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Wednesday-Thursday November 23-24

November 22, 2016


While Tuesday featured a pleasant interaction between Mercury and Jupiter, and a resulting more hopeful and optimistic outlook on life, much of today has Mercury being strongly affected by the serious minded nature of Saturn. Yet the plus side of this combination are qualities of patience, forethought, and being logical and methodical. And since the day before Thanksgiving usually has us doing planning and preparation, this Mercury/Saturn contact helps slow down our mind and our actions, allowing us to make more productive use of our time.

This morning still finds the Moon in the detail oriented sign Virgo, a useful placement for addressing obligations at work before the long weekend, or once again planning for tomorrow.

What is most helpful today is the Moon’s transition into harmony seeking Libra just before the Noon hour. With Luna remaining in the sign of balance through all of Friday, this is an ideal Lunar placement with which to interact with others, including those family members that can be irritating as much as anything else. Cheerful thoughts, just wanting to get along, being considerate of, and working well with others, is Libra energy at its best. This will be especially true this afternoon, when the Sun and Moon harmoniously align, helping to remove any conflict you may be having with yourself or others, plus allowing for a sense of optimism and compromise.

Thanksgiving Day itself has much Lunar activity, beginning with the Moon and Mars in mid morning. Action taken with others in mind, and a friendly, egalitarian outlook on life, is likely.  A nice bike ride with loved ones, family and friends would be a fine use of this Moon/Mars energy.

Yet the Libra Moon’s interaction with Venus and Pluto a bit later could cause a bit of tension. In fact, a Jupiter/Pluto contact that’s been building in recent days could find folks being dogmatic, and not terribly flexible in their beliefs and opinions. If nothing else, this could just be your partner finally saying,”Honey, haven’t you watched enough football today?”

Fortunately, a helpful contact between the Moon and Jupiter Thanksgiving evening could change the tempo, encouraging a sense of consideration for the well being of others, keeping the peace, being grateful and thankful, and counting our blessings.

Just the ticket for a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Cosmic Weather Forecast Tuesday November 22

November 22, 2016


Our current Virgo Moon receives a trio of planetary contacts to begin our day. In fact, even before sunrise, an Lunar interaction with mental Mercury in broadminded but sometimes superficial Sagittarius could find our mind active but lacking in focus. We could even find ourselves talking too much.

Fortunately, soon after, a helpful contact between the Moon and Pluto in practical Capricorn can get us focused on what needs doing, especially on the job.  In fact, taking affairs of the morning seriously could easily occur, as Luna and disciplinarian Saturn can have us both organized as well as concentrating on the tasks at hand.

Yet the most influential planetary happening on our Tuesday from very early on through the afternoon is a very helpful contact between Mercury and Jupiter. Thoughts and words that reflect a sense of optimism and open-mindedness, wanting to be cordial and uplifting, could be a natural approach to time spent with others. Expanding your mind through reading or conversation is an antidote to the powerful but subtle Neptune energy still occurring that may have us worried, anxious or fearful. Above all, take time to listen, as well as sharing your ideas and ideals that inspire and encourage others.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday November 21

November 21, 2016


With both the Sun and Moon changing signs today, these would seem to be the celestial happening highlights of our Monday. Yet the Last Quarter Moon just after midnight this morning should not be overlooked. With both the Sun and Moon in the last degree of the Fixed signs Leo and Scorpio, this is an opportune time to look at those qualities that difficult to let go of such as stubbornness, self centeredness, having difficulty trusting others, or even be too trusting. Focusing on such admirable qualities as loyalty, trustworthiness, generosity, and being considerate of others will be helpful in the week to come.

Just after 1:30 this morning the Moon entered the analytical, detail oriented Earth sign Virgo, where she’ll stay until just before noon Wednesday. With this being a three day work week for many folks, you can use the hardworking Virgo energy to get much done on the job. Also, with the health and diet oriented nature of the sign of the Maiden, early planning for the Thanksgiving meal should go well.

In addition, the Sun moves into the uplifting, optimistic Fire sign Sagittarius just before 1:30 this afternoon, where he’ll remain for a month. Despite the challenging days were living in following the election, having faith, seeing the big picture, and being hopeful and forward looking, are helpful traits of the sign of the Archer to tap into.

However, today could also bring some less productive Sag traits into our life, as both Jupiter and Pluto stressfully impact the Sun. It could be that you, others in your life, or even folks on the big stage of decision making, display such behaviors as being arrogant, dogmatic, egotistical, or lacking in moderation. If you see this in yourself, or folks close to you, avoid being judgmental, be forgiving of all concerned, and appreciate the best in others.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday November 18-20

November 18, 2016


The Neptunian theme discussed throughout the week is once again featured this morning, with the mental Messenger Mercury in optimistic but at times prone to exaggeration Sagittarius, influenced by imaginative, at times confusing, presently “standing still in the sky above” Neptune. So our day could begin with a combination of spaciness, vivid imagery, even fantasy or escapism. Thoughts and communication may not necessarily be factual, with even differing versions of what is truth floating around in your brain almost simultaneously. Be alert to this variety of possibilities and all will be fine, maybe even entertaining into the early afternoon.

Friday afternoon also finds the two luminaries, the Sun and Moon, supportive of one another in Water signs Scorpio and Cancer. Strongly connecting with depth of feeling, emotional self expression, and a sense of equilibrium, is available during this three hour period.

Just after 7PM the Moon enters into the extroverted Fire sign Leo, where she’ll remain all weekend. The opportunity for joy, enthusiasm, and affection to be part of our Friday certainly is an uplifting way to begin our weekend.

Saturday morning finds Mars in independent, intellectual Aquarius interacting with the Leo Moon. So our day could easily begin with much energy and activity. Just avoid being stubborn or self centered, and be open to the suggestions of others. An afternoon interaction between the Moon and Mercury in Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius makes for the opportunity to express uplifting thoughts and ideals, and just getting along with others. Later that evening Luna’s interaction with Jupiter again allows for expansive, optimistic feelings, including enjoying music and dancing, as well as once again giving expression to our higher ideals.

This is especially true as all day Saturday the planets that represent personal and universal Love, Venus and Neptune, harmoniously interact with one another. Anything from being inspired by our own artistic self expression, to appreciating it in others through art or music, is likely. In addition, feelings of compassion and idealism, as well as wanting to see and experience the best in others, help highlight our Saturday.

The Moon continues her journey through playful, generous Leo all day Sunday. The morning hours finds the independent planet Uranus influencing Luna, encouraging connecting with friends, and just being spontaneous and open to whatever the day brings.

Enjoy the potential for love, generosity and creativity to inspire your Sunday, and enjoy your weekend.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Thursday November 17

November 17, 2016


Planetary influences upon the Moon in Cancer provide a variety of emotional experiences on our Thursday

To begin with, from sunrise until about 9AM, Luna and Neptune, the two feminine energy planets that relate to feeling and sensitivity, are harmoniously interacting with one another.  Tapping into the unconscious, using our imagination as a source of inspiration, nurturing and caring for others, are just three of many useful Moon/Neptune qualities.

Later this afternoon an interaction between the Moon and Jupiter may have us feeling anything from overly optimistic to sentimental, especially in social situations. Then after sundown Pluto’s influence upon the Moon could have us feeling a bit more intense than usual, including in family situations.

Just a reminder.  With the energy of idealistic, escapist Neptune being magnified in the days ahead, fears and anxieties, illusion and confusion, increased empathy and compassion, even wishing to do good for those less fortunate, could all be highlighted at this time.

If nothing else, just our normal routine could at times feel a bit out of sorts, even if it’s just some spaciness or inability to focus and concentrate.