Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday December 16-18

December 16, 2016

While those of us on Terra Firma are experiencing the busy holiday season, this weekend the planetary energies are relatively quiet.

The highlight of our Friday is the Moon’s passage from the feelings oriented Water sign Cancer into warm hearted fiery Leo just after 5 o'clock this morning. And even though Luna makes no planetary contacts today, feelings of enthusiasm, generosity of spirit, and kindness toward others certainly fit the holiday mood. And as Leo is often about love and romance, expressing affection toward your partner, your children, or just radiating a quality of appreciation for all that is in your life, is possible.

And while Saturday Lunar planetary contacts don’t begin until the afternoon, uplifting interactions first with Jupiter, and then Saturn, make for a sense of of optimism, abundance, and pleasant feelings toward others, as well as being patient and practical in how we’re getting things done. Then a very harmonious late afternoon Moon/Uranus interaction gives our Saturday a quality of originality and spontaneity, being with friends or just being friendly, and open to the new and different.

Sunday starts off with Mars affecting the Leo Moon, helping us get going to begin our day.
Just make sure you’re not impulsive or impatient as you experience and anticipate your morning.

Then just before 10 AM the Moon moves into the practical, detail oriented Earth sign Virgo. If you have gift wrapping to do, food to prepare and serve, or need to focus your attention on tasks and chores such as housecleaning, this is the day to do so. Also, if you’re so inclined, this is a good day to be of service to others.

Just a reminder. Tomorrow morning Mercury begins its retrograde motion, and will remain so into the New Year. And as the Messenger of the Gods is standing still in the sky above this weekend, your mind and body will tend to be active and restless, so take time to relax when need be. Thankfully, with Mercury in the grounded Earth sign Capricorn, being organized and structured will help make things a bit easier to accomplish.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Thursday December 15

December 15, 2016

As mentioned in yesterday’s Forecast, the Moon is currently passing through the Water sign Cancer. So we may presently find ourselves more in touch with our feelings and emotions, loving and nurturing, especially toward family members, basically sensitive to the needs of others. On the flip side, and especially right after the Full Moon of this past Tuesday, there may tend to be a lack of balance in these areas, including being overly sensitive, insecure and defensive.

And today, Luna’s planetary contacts are all a bit challenging, starting with a stressful interaction between the Moon and Pluto as we approach sunrise. It’s possible we might be feeling a little more stressed or intense than usual, or perhaps we’ll have a conflict with someone, or be conflicted within ourself, as our day is just beginning.

Then much later in the morning and nearer to the Noon hour, Jupiter’s interaction with the Moon may cause us to be overly optimistic, or take on too much and overextend ourselves. Then early afternoon the influence of unpredictable Uranus upon Luna could have us feeling restless and ungrounded. With these three Moon contacts highlighting the first portion of our day, the remainder of our afternoon and evening may not only be unsettled, but surely not a good time to make decisions or initiate something new.

At best, take time to relax throughout the day, and go off by yourself if possible to get grounded

Cosmic Weather Forecast Wednesday December 14

December 14, 2016

There is very little Lunar or planetary activity taking place in the sky above today. What most notably occurs is the Moon’s passage into the sensitive, security minded sign Cancer just after 4 o’clock this morning. As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, she is quite comfortable while moving through the sign of the Crab. So for the next couple of days we could easily find ourselves more emotional, in touch with our feelings, and willing or able to express this side of ourselves. This is especially true as the Full Moon in Gemini has just taken place on Tuesday, heightening the Lunar energy in our lives, not to mention the extreme high and low tides taking place.

The just described side of our nature could be even more evident this evening, as the Moon shares a harmonious interaction with compassionate Neptune. Heightened sensitivity and intuition could occur, as could a deeper connection with our imagination. In a more mundane way, we could be more involved with home and family.

It’s possible you may also feel a greater sense of independence and assertiveness throughout the day, as the planet Mars and the asteroid Pallas Athene are in the same place in the Zodiac in the intellectual, egalitarian sign Aquarius. Feminine Pallas represents intelligence, creativity, and the wise use of peaceful resolution. So in one fashion or another, you may utilize some or all of these just mentioned qualities as you move through your Wednesday.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Tuesday December 13

December 12, 2016

The highlight of today’s celestial happenings is the Full Moon in the intellectually curious, mentally alert Air Sign Gemini just after 4 o’clock this afternoon, which we’ll examine momentarily. By the way, the following Lunar contacts about to be described will influence the Full Moon energy we’ll soon look at.

What is most fortuitous as we move into our mid morning Tuesday is an harmonious interaction between the Moon and Jupiter in sociable Libra, which aids us in having a positive outlook on life, an upbeat disposition, and an encouraging tone as we interact with others. Yet at the same time, the more limiting nature of Saturn affects the Lunar energy, which could cause us at best to be more realistic and responsible, or maybe a bit discouraged or frustrated as well.

Thankfully, early afternoon features the independent planet Uranus interacting with the Moon, stimulating our interactions with others, even having us drawn to the new and different. Then later this evening Mars in intellectual, free spirited Aquarius flowingly interacts with Luna, strengthening our ability to confidently share and communicate information, especially with like minded folks of similar ideals where the goal is wanting to do good for others.

With today’s Full Moon in Gemini, we also of course find the Sun shining his light upon the Moon from the optimistic, forward looking, knowledgable sign Sagittarius. As a result, we have a combination of the need to both write and be talkative in exchanging information and ideas, combined with the impulse to speak the truth, examine what we believe in that gives our life meaning, and expand our consciousness and awareness. And we are being given the opportunity to do this with insight and reflection during this Holiday time of giving and receiving, and of course, loving and caring.

What is most interesting about this Full Moon is that the degree placement of the Sun and Moon fall exactly upon the Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon of President elect Donald Trump, born almost exactly on the Full Moon of June 14, 1946. So his need to be even more talkative, to disseminate his version of the truth, could become even more apparent in the days and weeks ahead. Or, he may take time to be reflective and try to see both sides of an issue. With Saturn affecting this current Full Moon, and about to impact the Sun and Moon in Mr Trump’s chart, being serious and taking on more responsibility is about to take place. But we already knew this.

Yet what is most important to you and I and those we know, during this Full Moon phase and beyond, is to take our own thoughts and words, and how we communicate our beliefs and our truth, more seriously. And in this age of disinformation and denial, knowing what is truth and acting upon it, is more needed now than ever.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday December 12

December 11, 2016

Our day begins with the Moon having moved into the intellectually curious Air sign Gemini just before 5 o'clock this morning.  So for the next couple of days, being mentally alert, enjoying conversing with others on a variety of subjects, and just being active in general, is likely to be your approach to life. Just be aware that the restless and sometimes scattered nature of the sign of the Twins is also possible, especially as we are approaching the Gemini New Moon that will occur tomorrow afternoon.

As for today. In the early afternoon, connecting with others in an outgoing and friendly fashion could easily take place, as the Lunar Gemini energy interacts with sociable Venus presently in the open minded, independent Air sign Aquarius. Then this evening, our thoughts and words may be slightly spaced out or distracted, as Luna interacts with imaginative and sometimes dreamy Neptune.

So our busy Holiday season Monday is just a good day to be out and about and getting things done if need be.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday December 9-11

December 8, 2016

This weekend is filed with much planetary activity, including Solar contacts with heavyweights Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, which will help energize our will to be active, creative, and inspired, even wanting to accomplish something in the present and the future.

Of course getting our day going is the Moon’s short but continued placement in outgoing Aries. In fact, from sunrise to mid morning, a harmonious interaction between the Sun and Moon helps inspire us to be optimistic and energized. In addition, lunar contacts with Jupiter and Saturn later in the AM can make us feel both expansive and practical a the same time. Early afternoon finds Uranus and the Aries Moon in the same place in the Zodiac, which could stimulate our need for independence, or wanting to do something different. Yet this combination may also cause us to be impulsive or impatient, so be alert to this. Finally, around sundown Mars energizes the Aries Moon, giving us a sense of confidence and renewed energy as we start our evening and meet up with friends.

Yet what is most meaningful today is a productive interaction between the Sagittarius Sun and Jupiter, the ruler of the sign of the Archer, currently in harmony seeking Libra. A sense of optimism and generosity could be how you engage your day. A feeling of abundance, luck, even good fortune, may also be how you approach life, as well as how you interact with others.

Interestingly, what is also influencing our Solar Orb later today and into Saturday is Saturn and the Sun combining their energies. A serious tone, a strong sense of responsibility, and being realistic about what is on your shoulders, could certainly assume center stage.

What is quite useful during this time is a interaction between mental Mercury and imaginative Neptune. This gives both our thought processes and the spoken word a combination of practicality and intuition, helping us to further take advantage of the varied influence of Jupiter and Saturn upon the Sun.

The Moon’s entrance into Earthy Taurus a couple of hours before sunrise helps get us grounded and patient as we move into Saturday. This Lunar placement can also help us be more practical as to how we spend our money on this December weekend. Oddly, what may put a damper on our day, perhaps even have us feeling a little discouraged in some fashion, is an interaction between sociable Venus and the limiting energy of Saturn, quite the contrast from the more fiery, upbeat energy of Friday.

Sunday gets off to a good start, as a flowing interaction between the Moon and Pluto as the Sun is rising helps strengthen our emotions and how we share our feelings with others.

Yet the highlight of our Sunday, and even into Monday, is a strong, energizing connection between the Sun and Uranus. With the freedom loving signs Sagittarius and Aries in the mix, we can easily be inspired to be creative, confident, open to progressive ideals, and taking action on them. A strong sense of self, even acknowledging any leadership role you may need to take in your life, is possible at this time as well.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Thursday December 8

December 8, 2016

No doubt in preparation for a very busy weekend in the cosmos, today is a rather quiet day for the planets. In fact, the only happening of any consequence is the Moon’s passage from the idealistic, imaginative Water sign Pisces into the energetic, action oriented Fire sign Aries just after 2:15 this morning. So during the next two days, especially Friday, taking the initiative and asserting oneself, approaching life and your involvement in it with a sense of enthusiasm, is a very good use of Lunar Aries energy. Making sure to avoid being pushy or short tempered, and being thoughtful of others, will help assure a productive outcome in your daily routine in the next 48 hours.

One very important cosmic influence it would be timely to mention at this moment is the now forming, harmonious contact between Jupiter and Saturn, the planets of growth, maturity, and social responsibility.

In the weeks ahead, including into January, 2017, the energy of the two largest planets in our solar system will become more influential in life on planet Earth. Finding a balance between Jupiter optimism and expansion, and Saturn structure, discipline and responsibility, will help bring success. This is true both in your own life and personal affairs, as well as how you contribute at the job, and in your local community. It’s quite possible that whatever you choose to initiate at this time that combines patience and careful planning with a positive, forward looking attitude, and that comes from the heart, will ultimately bring a fruitful outcome.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Wednesday December 7

December 7, 2016

Today finds the Moon spending the entire day in the creative, idealistic, impressionable Water sign Pisces. A contact between Luna and Saturn around sun up could find early risers feeling a bit more serious than usual.  However, with the Moon making no further planetary connections during the day, we could therefore find ourselves a bit more in touch with our feelings and emotions, as well as those of others, on our Wednesday. Or perhaps we may find ourselves drifting in and out of our imagination, as in wishing to take a walk by the ocean while working at the job.

In addition, just before 7AM, sociable Venus enters into the intellectual, friendship oriented sign Aquarius, where she’ll remain through year’s end and into January, 2017. As a result, a wish for peace and harmony for all peoples, a connection with humanitarian ideals, expressing friendship and encouraging a sense of community, are just some of what we can expect to aspire to during the Holiday season and into the New Year.

An added note: It was 75 years ago today that the attack on Pearl Harbor took place, and our nation’s entry into World War II. With the Lunar and Venus placements mentioned above, reflecting on not just the loss of life that day, but the sacrifice of so many during the War to preserve the Freedoms our nation stood for, would be appropriate at this time. In addition, realistically reflecting on how those very Freedoms are being challenged, and affecting so many peoples in our country today, would be an ideal use of the Moon in Pisces and Aquarian Venus.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Monday-Tuesday December 5-6

December 5, 2016

Monday is a mostly quiet day in the solar system, with no major planetary contacts taking place. With the Moon still in the independent sign Aquarius until after sundown this evening, a friendly, open minded attitude with a concern for others will likely describe our day. Once the Moon moves into the peace loving sign Pisces just after 8:30, we could easily have a mediative, reflective attitude as the evening comes to a close.

Yet what most stands out from late Monday through Wednesday is an interaction between Mars, the ruler of Aries, currently in Aquarius, and Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, presently in the sign Aires. This combination of factors can encourage us to take the initiative, either physically or intellectually, or both. Doing something quite different from the norm, either in a group or on your own, is possible as well. Yet it’s also the case we could act impulsively, even be a risk taker.

Combine these factors with the Pisces Moon, and you could either be idealistic, impractical, or both. Whatever happens, be patient, keep your actions within reason, and drive carefully.

Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday December 2-4

December 5, 2016

While Friday begins within the Moon still in the serious and reserved sign Capricorn, deep feelings could take place as well, as Luna crosses over Pluto as the Sun rises in the east. In addition, an interaction between loving Venus and idealistic Neptune could heighten our sense of romance in relationships. However, it could also be that we may not see circumstances clearly, and let our fantasy world overtake reality. Yet Venus/Neptune also presents the opportunity to use our creative imagination and sense of beauty in any artistic endeavor, or encourages us to have a greater appreciation of the natural world. Then a bit later in the AM an interaction between the Moon and expansive Jupiter will create an upbeat, feel good attitude that will likely accentuate the positive. Just don't overdo the good feelings.

Early afternoon finds Mercury moving into the disciplined, “nose to the grindstone” sign Capricorn. With Luna already there as well, Capricorn Mercury is just the ticket to apply ourselves mentally to the task at hand to wind down our work week.

Fortunately the energy of assertive Mars continues to highlight the beginning of our December. You might recall yesterdays very positive and enthusiastic interaction between Mars and Jupiter. Well, as our Friday progresses, and we move into Saturday, Mars now joins forces with the structured, organized nature of Saturn. If you need to apply yourself to a project with discipline, focus, and a can-do attitude, this is the time to do so.

And while Saturday begins with the Moon still in serious minded Capricorn, Luna’s passage into friendly, intellectual Aquarius just before Noon will help us to be more free and open with others. So whether it’s holding the door open for someone at the store, asking a stranger how their day is going, or engaging others in thoughtful conversation, this is the natural way of being in the world as the Moon passes through the sign of the Water Bearer.

Sunday gives us a natural high around the noon hour and into early afternoon, as the Sagittarius Sun and Aquarius Moon harmoniously interact with one another. Once again, an attitude of friendliness, optimism, and doing good for others, helps uplift our day. We may even feel a sense of adventure, and wanting to do something different, with friends, or on our own.

Finally, late Sunday evening brings a pleasant contact between the Moon and Jupiter, giving us a sense of faith, optimism, and hopefulness toward life as we rest our head upon the pillow, a great way to both end our weekend, and anticipate the week ahead.