Cosmic Weather Forecast Friday-Sunday December 9-11

December 8, 2016

This weekend is filed with much planetary activity, including Solar contacts with heavyweights Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, which will help energize our will to be active, creative, and inspired, even wanting to accomplish something in the present and the future.

Of course getting our day going is the Moon’s short but continued placement in outgoing Aries. In fact, from sunrise to mid morning, a harmonious interaction between the Sun and Moon helps inspire us to be optimistic and energized. In addition, lunar contacts with Jupiter and Saturn later in the AM can make us feel both expansive and practical a the same time. Early afternoon finds Uranus and the Aries Moon in the same place in the Zodiac, which could stimulate our need for independence, or wanting to do something different. Yet this combination may also cause us to be impulsive or impatient, so be alert to this. Finally, around sundown Mars energizes the Aries Moon, giving us a sense of confidence and renewed energy as we start our evening and meet up with friends.

Yet what is most meaningful today is a productive interaction between the Sagittarius Sun and Jupiter, the ruler of the sign of the Archer, currently in harmony seeking Libra. A sense of optimism and generosity could be how you engage your day. A feeling of abundance, luck, even good fortune, may also be how you approach life, as well as how you interact with others.

Interestingly, what is also influencing our Solar Orb later today and into Saturday is Saturn and the Sun combining their energies. A serious tone, a strong sense of responsibility, and being realistic about what is on your shoulders, could certainly assume center stage.

What is quite useful during this time is a interaction between mental Mercury and imaginative Neptune. This gives both our thought processes and the spoken word a combination of practicality and intuition, helping us to further take advantage of the varied influence of Jupiter and Saturn upon the Sun.

The Moon’s entrance into Earthy Taurus a couple of hours before sunrise helps get us grounded and patient as we move into Saturday. This Lunar placement can also help us be more practical as to how we spend our money on this December weekend. Oddly, what may put a damper on our day, perhaps even have us feeling a little discouraged in some fashion, is an interaction between sociable Venus and the limiting energy of Saturn, quite the contrast from the more fiery, upbeat energy of Friday.

Sunday gets off to a good start, as a flowing interaction between the Moon and Pluto as the Sun is rising helps strengthen our emotions and how we share our feelings with others.

Yet the highlight of our Sunday, and even into Monday, is a strong, energizing connection between the Sun and Uranus. With the freedom loving signs Sagittarius and Aries in the mix, we can easily be inspired to be creative, confident, open to progressive ideals, and taking action on them. A strong sense of self, even acknowledging any leadership role you may need to take in your life, is possible at this time as well.